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   Cost  $110.00 per hour    

  Are you in the right place at the right time?  Do you have questions that need immediate answers  to navigate in the right direction?
Professional Astrological advice saves you time. Get to your answers quickly and know where you are going and when.
     Moving, travel, relocation, money, business and employment, relationships, education, family, loved ones and your life purpose all can be discovered through your personal astrology chart with Christine Barrere.
Get your Astrology interpreted for the next few years, for yourself, your partner, or your children.  It is amazing how much it can shed light on where you are now, and how you might proceed in your immediate future.
    This work does not take away one's free will choices, but enhances the decision making process, so there is a more complete knowing of what lies ahead.

     Long time professional astrological counseling since 1986 assists in a variety of issues including just learning more about yourself and your reason for being.

      Natal Analysis:  Approx. 1- 1 1/2 hours

This is your fundamental birth chart describing YOU. In this reading, we will analyze your life, your purpose, money, friendships, the Higher Self guiding you.  We'll talk about your Sun Sign and the house we find it in, which describes how you are meant to express yourself naturally and giving you a very unique mastery in this life.  We'll talk about your soul's basic ancient personality, your Moon Sign, and how it's habits from the past can keep you from progressing.   Your Saturn which shows us where your karma is, will be thoroughly analyzed....don't be nervous! It just tells us where there has been some neglect and how we can get it right this time!
    Your Rising Sign- the Higher Self's Conscience making sure you stay on track. Then there are career points, secret inner self points, the Nodes ( Nodes are areas where you are compelled to learn new things, versus stay back into old patterns)..  

     This reading can take 1 Hr to 1 Hr 1/2, depending on how much we want to explore and dive into all these subjects!  

     Forecast:  Approx 1 to 1 1/2 hours
One to several years ahead interpretation of the upcoming of events in your life, with sensitive guidance as to the options one can choose to bring a smoother ride and take advantage of those easier cycles where everything falls into place for you.

       Relocation Maps: Approx 30 min.  
This Chart gives us a guideline of our best and most challenging places to live in the world. 

      Relationship Charts:  1 - 1 1/2 hours

Whether it's between you and your child, partner, loved one or friend, it's nice to have a vision of why you are together and what you can do to enhance your relationship with a certain person. This chart can describe where the hardest area is and how to help smooth it over.

       Event Charts:  As long as it takes to answer your question.

You can pick a date of the inception of a business, a wedding, a signing of a contract, or a significant moment in your life, anything of meaning, and check in the astrology chart for that moment in time, place, date, what its purpose was and how it affected you!

    Price for Consultations

   I charge $110.00 per hour. Call for help deciding on apt. lengths and arrangements of readings so they fit into your budget and you get the most out of the session.

  406-222-1763  To make your own appointment CLICK  HERE:  APPOINTMENTS ON LINE.  All sessions are recorded for your convenience.  Long distance consulting is available, phone/skype  
Credit Cards /PayPal Accepted.

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